🌎 Overview

MXUP is a web3 lifestyle app that puts the health of modern people and the sustainable environment of future generations as its priority.
To improve the quality of life without compromising the lives of future generations, MXUP pursue’s a lifestyle app for NEW NORMAL consumers who are sustainable, sharing, and experience-oriented; away from the original consumption-oriented healthcare.
Within MXUP, users receive coins as compensation for the amount of exercise accomplished based on the health (exercise) data measured with the ‘MXUP with AR PET.’
It is not just a pair of sneakers for the purpose of mining.
They AR pets that works out together with users’ for a healthy life.
MXUP will sell ‘MXUP 3D AR EGG/PET NFT’ as minting, and is planning to provide contents that will enhance communication with Pets, such as feeding, playing, and decorating, while providing services to exercise and mine together with the Pet.
Users can start mining by pressing the ‘Start Exercise’ button in the application while owning a MXUP NFT. The amount of mining is classified according to the type, level, and attribute of the NFT.
In addition, MXUP users can view and interact with their NFTs through AR VISION on the devices (smartphone, AR glass, tablet, etc.) that they own.
MXUP NFTs are divided into EGG and PET. The EGG NFT later on evolves into a PET NFT when it reaches an evolutionary condition, based on its raised time and level.
Users’ EGG NFT and PET NFTs can be traded or used directly through MXUP's internal marketplace.
Users can accumulate and manage their health (exercise) data through the MXUP application, and MXT/PXB's can be compensated for in-service usage or traded through an exchange, based on the users exercise data.
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