Users can use MXT to raise the level of their MX EGG/PET NFT. Depending on the level of the MX EGG, the amount of MXT and the time required for leveling up are different. With more MXT, users can speed up the leveling-up time.
The MX PET hatches when the user's MXUP EGG reaches a certain level. In addition, the final evolution occurs when the MX PET reaches level 30.
PXBT is required for the MX PET NFT level to reach 30. During level-up, the user can obtain an attribute points that can raise the attribute according to the quality of the MX EGG/PET and can apply it to the MX EGG/PETs’ attribute. Attribute points acquired through level-up can be initialized through the initialization item.
MX EGG/PET NFT is leveled up and game elements are unlocked according to milestone as shown below.